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MixPro® has been providing industrial mixer solutions since 1996. Our 100+ years of combined experience and industry expertise have contributed greatly to our international success and unprecedented industry growth.

Application Engineering

All mixing applications involve one of four scenarios:

  • Maintaining homogeneity and/or thermal uniformity of a pre-blended mixture,
  • Blending one or more components together to make a mixture,
  • Solids suspension or attrition,
  • Gas dispersion.

Our depth of experience enables us to assess which issue is at the root of a mixing application, then recommend the appropriate mixer and size the unit to solve the problem.

Cooling a steel shaft
Our sales and applications engineering teams work closely with each client to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to mixing challenges.

Design Engineering

MixPro®'s team of technicians and mechanical and chemical engineers apply cutting edge design technology to provide innovative and effective solutions to our customers' mixing problems.

In our laboratory facility, we can realize computer-generated designs and confirm their unique performance characteristics in advance of fabrication.

Global Experience

With installations in a wide variety of applications around the world, MixPro® is truly a global company, serving international industries such as pulp and paper, mineral processing, chemical, renewable energy, wastewater and flue gas desulfurization.

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