Worldwide Expertise in Industrial Mixer & Agitator Design, Fabrication & Installation Since 1996


MixPro®'s leadership team is singularly focused on developing and delivering rugged, reliable and economical mixers that exceed the expectations of the customer in both performance and mechanical design.


MixPro® has a well-established reputation as one of the industries premier suppliers of custom agitation solutions.

But our experience has also taught us that some of our customers only require a rebuild. So our rebuilding and servicing business has grown right along with our custom solutions business.


The Solution Lies In Understanding The Problem

In order to excel in the highly competitive rebuild market, it’s critically important to understand and address the root cause of why a particular piece of rotating equipment fails.

In some cases, the misapplication of a mixer installation can cause premature failure or damage to a mixer rotating assembly. In other cases, causes of mixer failure can be traced to a number of factors including: improper installation or fatigue, incompatible metallurgy, undersized/oversized units, excessive vibration or poor maintenance.

Knowledge + Experience = Solid Solutions

Rebuilding an industrial mixer requires more than a top-notch machine shop. It requires a diverse knowledge of rotating equipment and manufacturing methods, coupled with an intimacy with most brands of mixing equipment.

The breadth and depth of our experience allows us to quickly develop valuable insights into the failure mechanism. This understanding, in turn, enables us to provide rebuild installations that are more superior and reliable overall.